Are you leaving money out there?

Recovering losses and preventing leakage in your claims-payments pipeline are your first steps to a better bottom line.

Sagebrush helps you reconcile bills and claim payments, improve processes, and prevent fraud. Sagebrush systems and technology consistently provide greater returns, even on data that has already been audited by other vendors.

We are healthcare specialists

Our professionals have real-world managed-care experience and we know there is no cookie-cutter approach to results. We tailor our services to your systems and processes to get accurate, high-volume returns.

ELECTRONIC AUDIT & PAYMENT RECOVERY - See why Sagebrush and SageSuite can recover more of your money. From reconciliation of payments to validation to recovery, Sagebrush provides a full range of electronic audit services.

STATISTICAL AUDITING - Prevent fraud, abuse, and waste. Our experts employ industry-accepted methods for assessing billing and payer performance and evaluating controls. See why our managed-care audit specialists make a difference.
         Certified Fraud Examiner

LITIGATION SUPPORT - Get professional support backed by years of experience. Whether you need health care data analysis or expert testimony, Sagebrush delivers.

GOVERNMENTAL AUDITING - Sagebrush Solutions is a General Services Administration Contract Holder (Schedule 520-9) and has extensive experience in providing health care auditing services for governmental entities at the federal, state and municipal levels. Sagebrush strives to provide the highest quality auditing services for the tax dollar.

         contract number: GS-23F-0106X
         (SIN): 520-9