The leading software solution

Sagebrush leads the healthcare industry with advanced, evolving technology that detects and recovers more of your healthcare costs and dollars. We turn complex data navigation into simple solutions.

We run our SageSuite™ software on fast, flexible hardware to provide you with the most accurate and productive cost recovery solution.

There is no need to convert your data to a specific format. Our professionals input raw transaction files from your systems into our system.

Unlimited transaction types

The transaction types we analyze are unlimited, but typically include billing records, health claims, eligibility records, health provider files, contractual pricing files, benefit plan descriptions, and check registers.

Tailored to your needs

SageSuite users fit into one of three groups: clients, consulting, and technical staff.

  • Clients — Sagebrush clients or their vendors and customers, using final output information to make business decisions.
  • Consultants — Sagebrush business consultants and internal or external client consultants who analyze data and provide information to clients.
  • Technical staff — Sagebrush’s highly-trained programming staff who prepare data for analysis and reporting by and for other users.

We minimize disruption to your business because your audit is run on our software and hardware, which Sagebrush professionals access remotely when working at your office.

Fast and flexible

We handle the largest to the smallest engagements. Our hardware has the speed, flexibility, and power to exceed that of our competitors and many of our insurance company clients.